Travel Diary - Girls Trip Is The Best and Don't Ask Why

Hello, everyone, I'm back! I KNOW! It's been a while since I updated my blog because I don't know what happened. So...

Hello, everyone, I'm back!

I KNOW! It's been a while since I updated my blog because I don't know what happened. Sorry to ghosted you all.

I've always known as a solo-traveller to my closest friends and other people I know online. So I am so happy that I realized that my trips this year are not a solo trip! Omg, I am so emotional! I always dream about going on a trip with girlfriends. 

So here is the recap of where I went and who is my travel buddy or squad for each trip:

Tokyo, Japan - Autumn 2018

I would like to start on last late November to early December 2018 - Autumn in Tokyo, Japan
It was our first time to have a trip abroad with Carissa - We have a different flight going to Tokyo she went there first and I followed the next day. So she had a chance to explore and experience the busy subways in Tokyo.

The highlights of the trip:

Mt. Fuji-san showed up during our trip.

We got lost! Believe me, being lost alone is difficult because you only have to rely on your Google Map and self, but this time I got lost with a friend. We navigate the Airbnb that we booked for four days and it was kind of far from the train station.

We also got lost when we transferred to this popular APA Hotel in Shinjuku area. There are 3 APA Hotel in that street and we jumped off from one to another until we reached the right branch of the hotel. It was fun!

Bloopers: Carissa and I were facing another platform in the subway and we were waiting for a train to arrive, but there were none. Until a security guard called our attention and told us that the right platform is on the other side, so Carissa hurriedly ran to the train and the train doors were starting to close with a pretty cute melody sound - then I shouted because I panic - I pulled Carissa's backpack and told her not to run because the doors will close in few seconds and I don't want her to get stuck there. It was funny, but really scared me! We don't want to be on the news.

Asakusa Temple at Night

It was my first time to see Asakusa at night! It was lovely.

Tokyo Tower

Skytree Tower

Nezu Temple

Cebu City - Sinulog Festival, January 2019

I am so happy whenever friends or someone I know from other places will visit my hometown - Cebu. It feels so proud to share where to go and what to do in the city, north and south area of the province.

Last January - Yvonne and friends from Japan visited Cebu for some beach therapy and Sinulog Festival experience. I am glad they enjoyed their trip and probably go back again.

Also, my friends from Manila were there too! I just met them in the city from Bantayan Island. We went to a cool place to hang out and experience the nightlife in the city at Trademark Bar and Lounge. We had fun!

I left Cebu on the day of Sinulog because I have work the next day.

Tokyo, Japan - Spring, March 2019 

Ok, so here we go and back again in Japan and this time with my best friend Jo. It was a spontaneous booking because she really wanted to go to Japan with me last Autumn, but she was in Europe. When she invited me I had no choice but to say "yes" because our tickets were already booked! HAHA Love it!

The highlights of the trip:

Chureito Pagoda

Saiko Iyashino-Sato Nenba

Cherry Blossoms!


Asakusa Temple 

Shopping in Harajuku

It was a successful trip!!!

Bacolod City and Sipalay Negros Occidental - Wedding, May 2019

It was finally our first out of town with my lunch buddies at work. Aileen, Shey and I were invited to attend Larissa's wedding in Bacolod. How can you not say no when it was your chance to visit the place and explore right? Attending a wedding was a very good excuse to do that.

The highlights of our trip:

Bacolod Museum

Exploring the Town

The Ruins

I love the sunset session in this mansion with our tour guide and new friend Julie! 

Wedding Venue

Here's our CEO Itamar Gero, I. Larissa and Pio, Shey and Aileen 

Sugar Beach, Sipalay

A 4-hour drive from the city to the island. We are so lucky to be part of Derek's victory party with his staff after the election. We stayed in Sulu Sunset Beach Resort which is secluded, but really it was a good and relaxing place with a beautiful sunset. We all wished that we stayed there for another day.

Clark City, Pampanga - Grand Opening of SureStay Plus Hotel By Best Western AC Luxe 

This is a quick out of town trip and a blogger event and for that, I invited my friend Cath to join me with the staycation. The hotel facilities are great and we loved it. We were supposed to swim, but the weather was too cold because of the rainy season.

Check out SureStay Plus Hotel by Best Western AC Luxe here in Angeles City, Pampanga

Osaka, Japan - Summer, July 2019 

What to do when you have a teammate who loves Japan so much that she even enrolled Japanese language class for that? Well, lucky to have Elie! We've been planning to go to Japan together when we saw a seat sale for the first time, but it was a failed attempt. Then when Air Asia offered a new route to Osaka, I told Elie about it and she said, you know what? let's booked it!


The highlights of the trip:

Osaka Castle

I missed visiting the castle when I visit Osaka alone last 2016. So this time, I made sure that I visit.

Glico Man


Party life and Nightlife in Namba

We were supposed to shop for Elie's pasalubong and some cosmetics to Donki, but when we were passing by the clubs there is this one club that caught our attention - free entrance for the ladies and unlimited drinks until 12mn. We were like - let's go inside, then if the crowd is not good, we can go out after a few drinks and go to Donki. But none of that happened. We unexpectedly enjoyed the night! We had good drinks and each floor of the building has a different genre of music and a different crowd! All in one building! How can you not love that?! We just paid Y750 for unlimited drinks. Giraffe Club is a cool place to be.

Too bad for Elie because she has to wake up the next day and fly back to Manila, where I was going to transfer to a hostel.

Bloopers: Elie's first time to ride a taxi in Japan! We got lost a bit because we were dropped off 10 minutes away from our Airbnb.

Osaka, Japan - Summer, July 2019 - YES, AGAIN. 

When my friend found out I will be in Osaka for summer she also booked her flight and I have to extend my stay to wait for her. Elie went back to Manila already and I was really bored, but really I have to work and stayed in the hostel for 2 days living like a local and feel at home.

The highlights of the trip:

Went back to Osaka Castle again


We went to Kobe to see the Kobe Tower and Port and ate beef!

Sad to say I had to leave my friend and I taught her where to go for a few days and good thing she managed it because she is also a solo traveller.

Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur, George Town, Penang and Langkawi Island - August 2019 

I never imagine myself going solo to Malaysia. So when I found out that Kim was planning her solo trip - I asked for permission to join her that is right for my budget. She prepared a good itinerary that I can't imagine doing alone. It would be fun to be in a group so we are all happy that Karen will join too!

We had planned our trip only in our group chats and shared some ideas and suggestions on what we will do what are the activities and when are we going places. Until we came up with the final itinerary.

Karen arrives first in Kuala Lumpur so she had a chance to explore Melacah and then next day, I arrived in the city and met Karen to checked in to our Zen Room. We went to Petronas Twin Towers already and stroll around the area. Then Kim arrived the next day.

The highlights of the trip:

Food trip in Kuala Lumpur

On my first night, I met my old officemate Miguel who is currently working now in Malaysia. It was a good catch up we had dinner in this popular Thai restaurant - I know right? we are in KL, but we ate Thai food. I mean, who will say no to that? No one.

Batu Caves


Streets Arts in George Town, Penang Island

This is the favourite part of the trip. We reached George Town by a 5-hour bus ride from Kuala Lumpur because them girls didn't book the earliest flight that will only take an hour. But anyway, we had fun the bus was cosy and have a lot of space and it was a good way to catch up with sleep.

We met a new friend Michael a licensed tour guide in Penang! 

We love the street arts and food in this town. It was a very relaxing vibe that you can stay there for a month - you know feels like home.

Langkawi Island

From Georgetown, we rode a ferry boat for two hours. It was a rough ride going to the island because we experienced a strong wind and rain shower on our last night that panic the residents of GT because it was a rare situation. We were almost cancelled our trip to the island, but then the ferry gave the go signal well, not in the middle of our trip.

This is my last stop of the trip and had to go back to Kuala Lumpur and wait for my connecting flight to Manila.

Bantayan Island, Cebu - December 2019 

Finally, our year-end trip! But this time, Kim didn't join us because that what you do when you have a boyfriend. JUST KIDDING! She has other errands to attend to. So here we are the crew: Karen, Leona, Joy and I.

I know this is an all-girls trip, but we invited Quinan to be our photographer and videographer - Just kidding! We wanted him to improve more of his video shooting and editing skills. 

Kota Beach

Virgin Island 

The Ruins

Obo-Ob Mangrove Forest

To end this post here's our video of our Macarena dance that we shoot during our trip: 

I hope you like this long post! 

Happy New Year Everyone! 
I'm ready for you

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