BNI call centre service information 24 hours toll free : LpmJambi
BNI call centre service information 24 hours toll free : LpmJambi

BNI call centre service information 24 hours toll free : LpmJambi

BNI call centre service information 24 hours toll free

BNI’s 24-hour call centre service is one of the efforts to make it easier for every user. Financial services are really very interesting because right now a lot of people are unable to manage their finances. As a result, it’s not about getting thrifty, but wasting.

It can be said that keeping money in a bank is really very safe and reliable.  In addition to having a  good management system  , it has also been designated as one of the state’s businesses. The bank is one of the businesses managed and run under strict government supervision.

This bank has been there for a long time and has become an established bank when independence came. The long history of  how  financial management is made has a strong foundation to date. It is not surprising that BNI currently has large assets with millions of customers across Indonesia.

With a long history and commitment to providing the best service, BNI 24-hour call center service is a form of this commitment. It has many goals and is able to provide solutions amidst the problems faced by customers. Every bank provides safety and convenience to the customer.

Overview of the history of bank BNI

Bank Nacional Indonesia or BNI was established since 1946 after Indonesia gained independence. This bank continues to grow very quickly as it has a good system. Moreover, the service offered to every customer has a strong foundation for it. A few years later his name was widely known to the public.

The 46 logo currently used by the bank was the year it was founded in 1946. This logo is a recognition that BNI is one of the country’s children’s production banks. This can be seen after the independence of the upbringing of financial service and now belongs to the government.

Interestingly, in 1992 it acquired a new legal status as one of the listed companies. A public company is a company that has share ownership of the wider community.  Along with BNI’s 24-hour call centre service, this legal status is good news for many.

Many immediately demanded the bank’s stock submission. BNI can also be said to be the first bank to get open status, especially  if one looks at the foundation that has been there for a long time with  a good management system  . Hence, the development and services offered are very satisfying for the customers.

BNI 24-hour call center service

In order to provide service to every customer, intimacy with everyone is required. Call center services are a form of proximity that is organized to provide a sense of security and comfort. Moreover, it is not uncommon for customers to have some issues that they do not understand about financial services.

Having a one-stop one solution with the aim of being in providing good service to everyone. You can enjoy this service for a full 24 hours and access it from every region. You can get a lot of information about the products to the facilities here.

You can contact this 24-hour BNI call center service by telephone without the need for an area code . You can dial 1-5000-46 directly from your personal mobile phone. If you are using a cell phone, you can also call the number 68-888. It is very easy because it can be accessed anytime and anywhere.

In addition, you can submit complaints via electronic mail and fax services.  Send to the specified email address. Meanwhile, if you are using fax, you can use the number 021-25541203. In fact, this facility called BNI call helps you with every problem you have.

Interestingly, each call uses an end-to-end system. This means that any issues related to the customer will be resolved without call forwarding. Issues without call forwarding can be resolved quickly at a specific time. However, if the problem relates to a particular subject, it is usually redirected to the surrounding branch office.

Written and oral complaint procedures

BNI’s 24-hour call centre service is a precursor to a company getting closer to customers. The process can be done in two ways, written and verbal. Each complaint process usually has almost the same system. The only difference is the method used by the customer himself.

If you use the written process, you should visit the official website. Then enter the Kubungi Kami menu. Here you can write down every complaint you have experienced and wait for a reply from the bank. Usually the answer will be sent directly to the customer’s email address if there is a solution.

You can also use BNI email and fax addresses to submit any complaints. You can get an answer for a while after the complaint is submitted. There are other ways too if you want to get an answer as soon as possible. You can go to the nearest branch office and raise an issue.

In addition to the written method, users  can also take advantage of the oral method with BNI’s 24-hour call center service. It is enough to call the number 1-5000-46 anytime, anywhere without any worries. But after this call you will be charged a call fee. The amount of yes will depend on the provider you are currently using.

The officer then registers and provides the complaint registration receipt to the customer. The officer then informs whether the outcome of the complaint can be resolved immediately or not. Otherwise it will take some time and he will be asked to come again later to get the resolution of the complaint he has experienced.

BNI 46 Facilities and Products

As a financial service provider who already has a long life, in fact, everyone has been given many facility products.  Every facility product can be accessed through BNI’s 24-hour call centre service which is to accommodate and accommodate every aspect of society to receive the same services.

The first product is called BNI Toplus, the jabodetabek area requires an initial deposit of 500 thousand. Meanwhile, Zabodetabek will have to shell out Rs 10,000 to prospective customers from outside. An initial deposit of Rs 250,000 is required. Apart from these, Kitas also needs several important documents such as ID cards, driving licenses, residence certificates, etc.

There are also BNI Toplus Bisnis products that are very suitable for actors or prospective entrepreneurs to use. Some of the facilities that will be availed are detailed cash flow information at the end of the month and more. For purposes in the form of ID cards and for initial deposits up to Rs. 1 million.

There are also production facilities for youngsters like students through BNI Toplus MUDA. This facility is divided according to the age level, i.e. those who are 15 to 17 years old and 17 to 25 years of age or those who are not in the first category but are married. The requirements are the same as other products.

As one of the largest financial service providers in Indonesia, BNI 46 certainly actively provides a variety of facilities. Not only from the products and facilities but also to the customers. But there are also other services that can be accessed at any time. One of them is  through BNI’s 24-hour call centre service.

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