CIMB Niaga call centre to apply for credit card: SudutKebun
CIMB Niaga call centre to apply for credit card: SudutKebun

CIMB Niaga call centre to apply for credit card: SudutKebun

CIMB Niaga Call Center is the advantage and best service customers can take advantage of when they find different problems about transactions through CIMB banks. For those of you who use the services of this single private bank, of course you can be sure that kamu has received a variety of transaction satisfaction.

According to its history, this commercial bank wasfirst established on September 26, 1955. At the beginning of its establishment, this private bank used the name Nyaga Bank until 2018 the bank was renamed as we knew it.

From year to year, it is undeniable whether CIMB Bank has experienced many different trips, achievements and strategic actions. By 1987, the private bank distinguished itself from its competitors by becoming the first bank to offer banking services with ATMs.

In addition to services in the form of ATMs, many other services offered by CIMB banks are also technologically high.   All these privileges also last from year to year by continuing to provide a variety of other online banking services.

Best Products from Nyaga Bank

To date, Nyaga Bank has issued many banking products. For those of you who are curious and interested in different product offerings, you can now try to get all the information through cimb niaga call center.

One of the products you can find from this private bank is on your credit card. CIMB bank credit card products are very popular because they provide many facilities and ease of transactions to their customers.

For those of you interested, some credit card  information products  along with annual contributions from cimb Niaga call center  include berikut. For the first on the CIMB Niaga Air Asia BIG Card with the first annual dues at a rate of Rs. 350,000 and the following year Rs. 150,000, –

Then the CIMB Niaga Visa Platinum card is charged Rs. 600,000 in the first year and at rs. 300,000 the following year. Third, cimb niaga Mastercard platinum card at a rate of Rs. 0 in the first year, at an average of Rs. 300,000 the following year.

Visa Gold’s four fee-bearing business cards at the beginning of the year amounted to Rs. 250,000 and the following year amounted to Rs. 150,000,-. For the latter, cimb Niaga Mastercard Gold card is charged at Rs. 0 and Rs. 150,000 at next year’s price.

CIMB Nyaga Call Center Services

Each call center service is  very good, and that’s certainly because  Nyaga Bank is really committed to protecting each customer’s personal data. All data entered during the submission process was protected using different encryption techniques. Additionally, using the latest security also complements each service.

Although  all facilities and services at CIMB Niaga’s call center really maintain the personal data of  their customers, they never forget to apply some tips in keeping personal data secure.

First,never consider giving informa the person. Don’t even provide information data such as passcodes, ID numbers, selfies, NPWP numbers etc. Also keep your password code confidential for once. Never give the code via SMS or email to parties on yourbehalf.

Through various media, never collect  personal data through the comments column. Be careful as media accounts rise palsu. Check in advance of the social med accountyou can access and it has been fully verified like cimb Niaga’s call center.

Always use the official app already available on the Play Store, besides, be aware of some suspicious links that can steal all customer data. For the latter, you can keep your personal data secure by regularly updating your account password.

Nyaga Bank Credit Card Facilities

After explaining some of the benefitsabout CIMB credit cards, what are the facilities and benefits when using the card? Again, through cimb Niaga call center service  , you will get all the information quickly and fully.

Some of the benefits of the facilities and the benefits involved are as follows. The first is in the free cost of annual dues. You can get these free fees from a visa and Wave n Go credit card. On the Visa logo card, you will get this fee exemption for the first 2 years.

The following interest comes from fixed installment facilities. With this feature, you can convert your transactions into fixed installments with installment periods of 3, 6 to 12 months online or mobile banking. Then there are also advantages in the form of additional points and quick payment.

You want to learn more about the benefits of extra points and quick payment, then you can try to find information through cimb Niaga call center service. Furthermore, there are also advantages in cash withdrawal transactions. The main product of this card is equipped with cash withdrawal facilities through ATMs.

As for the latter, the feature comes from OTOPAY. With this feature, you can automatically complete credit card bills from commerce International Merchant Bankers’ savings account.

Nyaga Bank Credit Card Application

By becoming a CIMB bank credit card customer, of course there will be many benefits obtained because the product continues to offer many interesting promotions such as entertainment, shopping transactions, travel transactions and many more. More complete, verifiable through the Nyaga call center.

For those of you who want to apply for a credit card, here are some requirements when applying for an online credit card.  For the minimum agenyes, the requirement required by potential credit card holders is 21 years. The maximum is at age 65.

For additional cardholders, the minimum age required is 17 years. As for the latter condition, potential clients are allowed to obtain Indonesian citizenship or WNA. From income requirements, CIMB credit card applications can start from income of Rs. 4,000,000 to Rs. 7,500,000 according to the credit card category.

In addition to all the above requirements, the process of submitting a cimb credit card is still common, because the required document files are actually easy to complete.

After getting a variety of information about the  credit card facilities and services above, the more interested you are in  starting to apply for but. If you are interested in the end, you can try to contact  the CIMB Niaga call center  or come directly to the bank.

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