Problems can be solved by call centres : ALAMATPRO
Problems can be solved by call centres : ALAMATPRO

Problems can be solved by call centres : ALAMATPRO

UOB Call Center  serves customer complaints and services

The UOB call center is certainly very useful for users.   UOB itself is one of the very old banks; although in some areas most people don’t know it, the Name UOB is already very popular in big cities.The company was first founded in 1956.

If calculated from that year, August 31, he would be 65 years old. With such a long life, there are many users themselves. Its workers alone number more than 3 thousand. Consequently, development is already seen in many respects. The world of banking is really complicated.

This complexity, of course, makes problems more likely to experience customers. This must be resolved as soon as possible. You as a customer will find it difficult because knowledge of the banking world itself is not easy to find. Therefore, contacting the UOB call center  can be the best option.

Contacting uOB bank call centres   is not difficult

Call centers can help in a variety of ways. That is because, cs that manage call centers have gone through lengthy training. The training was long, of course, his knowledge of the call center. This enables all questions and complaints submitted by consumers to be answered correctly.

Contacting the UOB call center   itself is actually very simple.To contact him over the phone, the customer needs to contact 14008. as the official number of UOB for customer service.The number that is active for 24 hours.With it, you can contact him at any time.

But when contacting himthere is an inflation rate to l u. the ratio itself is uncertain; it depends on the supplier used by the consumer; the more expensive the supplier, the more it costs. to cut costs, it is the right decision to contact using land.

 Contacting the UOB call center  by land is actually cheaper;that’s because, the fees for the land are set every month so that customers don’t have to spend more.While it’s very convenient, costs are often a problem for consumers when calling a number.

Therefore, there is another option in the form of service contacts through conversations. To use the service, customers can contact an official email from UOB.The official email itself is at the UOB address  However, communication via e-mail is clearly different from that communicated via phone.

 When contacting the UOB call center  via email, you need to be patient while waiting for the supplier to answer it. To make it easier, be sure to provide the clearest possible chronology questions.This method will make it easier for the supplier to provide the best answers the customer needs.The speed at which the answer will certainly benefit you.

Detailed customer litigation plan

Customer complaints are the main feature of the call center. When contacted, there are claims that can be made by the customer so that the loss feels that the fee can be paid. However, when contacting the call centre, it does not mean that damagepayments will be made immediately. There is a plan that needs to be passed first.

Let’s take a case-by-case example when making a certain amount of money transfers. For example, you transfer $100 million worth of money to a colleague. However, there were reports that the transfer was unsuccessful. When the balance was checked, it turned out that the balance had fallen according to this amount.

When this happens, of course you can contact the UOB call center.When contacting the call center, the customer will communicate first with CS.In that, CS will provide some questions other than listening to the complaints provided.If everything is completed, the complaint will be followed.

In the process of pursuing the complaint, CS will direct the matter to the relevant sector. The sectorinvolved will examine why the balance can be reduced when it is not delivered. That way, the cause of the balance reduction will be known. As a rule, this happens because of a system error.

If the problem is true because of a system error, the UOB call center  will show an apology to consumers while sending an explanation of the outcome of the investigation.The explanation of the outcome of this investigation can be sent through media ranging from emails, telephonecalls, to SMS.In a message, UOB will address its agreement with consumer complaints.

With the deal, the amount lost 100 million will be returned to consumers. After the refund, the customer can check the balance to make sure the money has actually come in. If you have entered, the claims process is complete and the customer can carry out normal activities.

There are many conditions under which the lawsuit has been rejected

When an error occurs because of the system, any complaint will be approved by The UOB.It will also be approved directly through the official message.But if the error occurs because of customer negligence, the bank will reject the claim.This denial will be transmitted directly by the UOB call center.

His denial spontaneously did not go public. There will be clear reasons why the complaint was rejected. When faced with this rejection, there are many options that customers can choose from. The first option would certainly stop there because it knew the mistake had been made personally.

However, if they feel they have done nothing wrong, customers can make further complaints. For these types of issues, the call center will also provide guidance on how to make the next step of filing. In filing a lawsuit, consumers can direct two official institutions.

The first official institution was BI. Indonesian banks will receive complaints related to the payment system. The payment system itself varies from credit cards, ATMs, to fund transfers. When the problem is a loss of balance of 100 million as in the above example, a lawsuit will be filed against BI.

However, in addition to BI, it can also be filed against OJK. The OJK itself stands for its authority in financial services. OJK is an institution that handles consumer complaints. Self-service complaints vary from current account, savings, credit. You can also contact him for further complaints.

However, BI and OJK are the final stages of complaints. Once the two have made a decision, UOB and the customer need to agree and accept.From now on, the matter will be resolved and there will be no further issues between the two sides.By contacting the call centre, guidance from this matter will be notified.

Problems can be solved by call centres

There are problems that cause consumers to contact the UOB call center. One issue involving debit cards. The problem that customers experience often is in the form of swallowing debit cards. This can happen because it takes too long to insert a card or enter the PIN too often.

In addition, you can contact the call center if you have some questions related to the banking world. The question can also cover all aspects. By asking the call center, CS will provide a detailed explanation of the question. Of course, the answers from CS are more satisfying than searching for answers on their own on the Internet.

There is no need to hesitate when contacting CS for various purposes. Its existence acts as a guide for customers. For that reason, it’s a place where, indeed, if there’s a recession, the exit will be finding its way through the call centre. After all, contacting the UOB call center  is very simple and the cost is not very much.

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