Read More : Aplikasi Edit foto jadi pengantin : Lorongku
Read More : Aplikasi Edit foto jadi pengantin : Lorongku

Read More : Aplikasi Edit foto jadi pengantin : Lorongku

Batik Air Call Center can be contacted in 24 hours

Batik Air call center is a service that helps customers get information or file complaints. Developing technology makes an industry able to build better communications with its customers. The enhanced services make even that high level of aircraft quality.

Through the customer service, you can get phone calls with different needs. Customers can request information about flights or make complaints about the services it receives from the airline. This communication can make the airline more conversant with the services of the subsequent assessments provided.

The Center Call staff play an important role in building better relationships with customers. They must be sufficiently knowledgeable in the field of geography such as the passage through which the aircraft travel during the time of the direction in which they travel. Employees must understand the route of aircraft and the distribution of time zones.

It’s not there, staff should be aware of the air tickets and other services provided by the airline. Employees should know in detail about flight tickets that comprise fares, how to book them, how to change the departure schedule to how to cancel tickets.

The most important thing that Call staff need to learn is better communication skills. Employees should be able to understand customer requests or complaints. They must also submit information or solutions in a manner that is appropriate, effective and efficient.

Communication skills possessed by employees will make customers feel satisfied after speaking to batik Air’s call centre. Because, consumers want an explanation from information or a solution to a complaint. If employees’ communications skills are poor, it makes transactions frustrated.

About Batik Air Airline

Batik Air is a subsidiary of the private airline Lion Air. The sub-assistant is operated in the full service sector. It first operated on May 3, 2013. The first route is from Jakarta to Manado and Balikpapan.

Batik Air was formed by the Lion Air vent because it could not cover the rise of the passenger boom. Therefore, the company has set up a new airline. The company has brought the new Boeing 737 aircraft to 5 Boeing 737 aircraft to be able to cope with the increasing number of passengers.

The airline has flight routes to 59 destinations both domestic and foreign. The aircraft reaches kalimantan islands, Nusa Tenggara, Maluku, Papua, Sulawesi to Sumatra. The scope of foreign countries, including Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam and Saudi Arabia.

Initially, it was operating on ten Boeing 737-900ER aircraft only. To date, it has operated flights of 74 aircraft. Its aircraft models comprise the Airbus A320-200, Boeing 737-800, Boeing 737-900ER, Boeing 737-8 and Boeing 737-9.

Despite the quality of the contribution, the facilities it offers are no less competitive than the company. One of the centers is the Batik Air call center that can handle customer complaints and resolve them. This facility can also transmit the information requested by the customer.

Services provided by Batik Air

Batik Air is described as an excellent aircraft carrier. It has managed to win as many awards as ISSA. The award, which is listed in the Passenger Safety Standards Department, was awarded by IATA in January 2016. The award was described as a good award.

The following award is the ISO standard. Obtaining an ISO 9001:2005 license as an airline that has Best Delay Management. As with private jets, these awards are proof of best management. Not all privately owned airlines are able to achieve this award.

In addition to winning awards, it has several benefits in the services it provides. With both commercial and commercial classes, the airline offers a variety of facilities. Offered at a low cost, the airline has television screens, food reductions and spacious luggage.

Across the infrastructure and infrastructure, this aircraft is home to an independent maintenance facility called Batam Aero Technic. In addition, this company also provides them with homes to stay and stay in between Ground Crew to Flight Crew. Despite only having the status of a private company, Batik Air is able to provide a wide variety of equipment.

Batik Air continues to build facilities to support the aviation business. These facilities are training buildings, hotels and plazas. It didn’t stop there, and an air line delivery service was also developed under the name Lion Parcel. The aircraft continues to make progress and also builds buildings to improve services.

Batik Air differentiates it from Lion Air air and is mainly involved in aircraft crashes. This aircraft is safer than the parent company, so it has more customers. The Air Cycling call center is one of the services created to build better relationships with customers.

How to contact the Batik Air Call Center

Batik Air’s call center can be contacted in a variety of ways. And one of them is to visit the head office directly. The office is located in the Head Office of Batik Air, Lion Air Tower, Jl. Gajah Mada No.7 Central Jakarta.

In addition to being able to come to the head office, you can also contact the Batik Air call center with email lines, social media or phone numbers. The airline’s email  is The telephone numbers for the head office are 080 4177 8899 and 021-6379 8000.

In addition to the head office, you can find the branch offices of your own city. The entire branch office also has a telephone number if you are hesitant to arrive at the office. The airline branches extended throughout Indonesia. You can find them easily at the branch office.

The call center of Batik air call can be contacted, even though it has customers abroad. Customers can still request information or file complaints about airline services. These benefits provide ease for consumers.

Important Highlights about the Batik Air Call Center

There are several things to know about the battery center ik Air call. First, the service eats pulses. This means, you must borrow your phone on your phone before calling the Telephone Center. If you do not have a mortgage loan, you can call the landline.

The Batik Air call center is available within 24 hours and on holidays. If you need information or want to make a complaint outside of business hours, you can do so by phone. The answers will be provided quickly and cordially by the staff.

You can contact the batik air call center for information about  the cost of flight, flight routes on certain dates or days, information on how to book and pay for flight tickets, how to change the departure schedule and even how to cancel flight tickets.

In addition to getting information, customers can file complaints with the Batik Air call center. Complaints typically filed are about high ticket prices, difficulty booking of tickets, the difficulty of late delays, with difficulty changing departure schedules for tickets and cancelling them.

Customers can request information on the call center side. In addition, a customer can file complaints regarding services provided by airlines. Customers can find a solution after contacting the call center of Batik Air.   Staff will provide a quick and friendly response.

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