Rongen Boogie must be preserved by the community : Capcus
Rongen Boogie must be preserved by the community : Capcus

Rongen Boogie must be preserved by the community : Capcus

West Javan dance is still a performance of modern art 

West Javan’s  traditional dance is still a modern life , but  it  is still preserved . This effort is deliberately  carried out  , and it has been  passed on to culture from the Time of the Memorial Culture is never diminished, and the  role of culture  for a particular region or tribe is very important  in society.

It is not only an art but often  performs a variety of dances in important   events .  Dance performance treatments always invite interest  from the  community  to respect  a region’s   culture . Starting  with art workers and  communities ,     They are combined with each other to maintain.

Dance art is often   used to describe  a story or story  by  moving in  a rhythmic way .  It    will accompany dancer activities aimed at performing art, and in some areas where traditional ceremonies have been  held   so far It is still found.

But dancing does  not always appear  in sacred ceremonies because it can be used as a  traditional entertainment . Art can be well combined   without diminishing cultural values ,  so  you  can  make  it    more familiar with art .  They want to express  themselves fully as they are popular.

Jaipon of Sanders remains  popular  today

Seeing the   dance  world  flourish, we know that there are many areas that need to be focused     on.  A variety of dances will provide their own distinction  :  one of them is  art in the  form of a dance  called Jaipon from West  Java Jehovah’s Witnesses

Jaipun    originated in an area  that  originated in the Karawan region, where the  local community  was widely  aware of the type of dance because  it  was a tradition,  starting in the same region and  now spreading to all of western Java.

The uniqueness   of this art is located in clothing worn by dancers while on stage, and the accessories  on the head  are in bright colours  Decorated with flowers and  clothing  , his   artistic activities are  wrapped around the dancer’s neck    Also, do  not   forget that it is  also  linked to Shaul associated  with   Yan Scholl.

The image of the West Javan dance   is also  accompanied by a  quick and sturdy voice, so the dancer’s movement They must be quick to comply with the rhythm and rhythm of the instrument   ,  and   the  intention   of never quitting  With it there is a separate meaning to be deliberately transmitted via Jaipun.

It turns   out that there is  also a motive behind the movements of  jaipon dancers, which is linked to a beautiful   body-facing existence   This is to show beautiful nature, in  other words, a woman   can have real self-confidence because of her self-confidence.

Rongen Boogie must be preserved by the community

Discussing the issue of a number of dance names  refers to a number of categories   simultaneously when entering Sunday,  and   there  are  many  traditional West Javanagh   dances that people outside the  area may be known for. It can be discussed with its characteristics  .

This kind of art  refers to the name Ronjanbaji, Makassar, which  can  support the Siribon  Territory  and then  comes from the  existence of  bourgeois forces.

As a result of artistic cultural integration, the result is also  quite  unusual as a look at  traditional value: something unique is located next to the dancers, and they are all thick. The  distinctive  natural structure, which looks like  a  unique natural structure, is also intended to be an attraction to itself.

In this West Javan dance, the  dancer’s   outfit also uses a full-light cabaret,  like a woman with four or more dancers. The  main objective of the  stories and stories brought through the movement  was to bring a sense of humor .

Musically  dressed in a full kibarra outfit  ,   you    can  perform all the moves and figures with appeal  .  Knowing  this , we can  at least identify the   type of  dance in the region . Jehovah’s Witnesses

A tape recorder commonly presented at sacred ceremonies

 Continuing discussion on a unique form of dance art      originating in West  Java is  tape tape.  This form of dancing is often held in some sacred events to tell the  differences . Because  it is considered sacred  ,  spiritual ceremonies    It is very similar to presenting  dance moves as performances  .

Many people do not understand the differences between different types of tapes,  usually   when the  neighborhood  welcomes rice harvest time. The  owner of the country and rice fields often holds these art performances  and  will become a traditional performance.

The tape dance   is  accompanied  by a mainstream musical instrument in the form of a classical  traditional musical  instrument.  They provide music in conjunction with  music . The dancer will follow the  music’s music and sound movements  so that the  results  can be combined  .

West Javan regional  dances use distinctive costumes  in full kibaya, but they are likely to be  dark-colored. Women  entertain the dancers  in  detail in accordance with the provisions  , but  there  are two male dancers wearing hats  and  leather belts.

You can enjoy  musical entertainment from Gamelan  during   the story. So far, you have been found in various entertainment venues according to the program.     There are still many  types of  dancing,  so  as a tradition  left by the  ancestors, until Tylu was still safe  Not surprisingly  .

Siribon masks too flexible to tell stories

In an effort to understand the various arts that belong to a region, the community  needs to do so,  and  traditions must be passed on to the next generation so that they do not disappear   from the culture,  so art must attract  entertainment needs for the public .

The dance  from West Java for detailed discussion   is  the Siribon mask that uses    the characters.Covers readily feature characters To find out, each style has a variety of natural shapes   , and the facial dance  has  5 different names and 5  names  for  performances.

The names on the masks  include pension masks, samba, Patti, Rumian, and Calana  .    Born to street artists  and progressed over time, there were  , in fact, many who could enjoy the art of dancing despite modern times.

According to the front page of the Five Wanda, the  dancers would later wear different models based on certain scenarios and  stories.  Adjustments are  needed  to make the dancer story more relevant, and music must also be presented according to the story, enabling the  moves to stay in rhythm.

In general, the Siribon mask dance  contains an information   in the form of all life problems that humans will face  ,  which means that each form of dance will have  its own distinction depending on the purpose and  means  of   entertaining  art.  There is no doubt that there is always a need  .

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