Various product information through the best Citibank call center: JelitaNews
Various product information through the best Citibank call center: JelitaNews

Various product information through the best Citibank call center: JelitaNews

In the banking world, every customer will always need the best service such as a Citibank call center.   Citibank, INC. or Citibank is a subsidiary of Citibank N.A. based in the U.S. capital, New York. As one of the best banking companies, Citibank itself is owned by Citigroup Inc.

According to its history, Citi was the first hadi in Indonesia in1968.

Based on full information through citibank call center , Citi is now one of the foreign banks with the largest asset wealth value in Indonesia.

There is no denying that Citi has a network of customer transactions spread across 33,000 payment points and 6,000 sites as a collaborative distribution network in 34 provinces. Another success of Citibank is also when it can be seen from many ATM networks deployed in different locations.

Learn about the world of banking through Citibank

Every year, Citibank continues to make the best contribution to the country. This contribution is very important because it can reach different classes and communities in the social community. In the umbrella of Citi becca or Bidoli Karya, Citibank also has an important task for the growth and progress of the country’s economy.

Founded since 1998, Citi-Pica also focuses heavily on CSR activities, which are pillars of financial exclusion. In addition, there are many other activities such as youth opportunities and sustainable cities. This company carries a high concept for more than philanthropy with many excellent programs.

For those of you who are looking for one of the best banking companies, it is very appropriate to use Citibank. There are many advantages, products and services that you can find through this bank at Citibank Call Center. These products and services include banking products, credit cards, loans, insurance and wealth management.

For banking, you can take care of and get products such as accounts and deposits, global banking, Citibank debit card, City Business, and global currency account. No need to confuse, Citi ledgers can also be opened very easily.

Without having to visit a subsidiary bank, you can actually open your account book online. By accessing citibank’s official website, you can simply contact the Citibank Call Center. You can also make live chat, as well as phone calls through the service.

Products – The best products provided

As one of the banking companies, it is certainly not surprising that this foreign bank also offers account products, current accounts, savings and deposits. For those of you who were  previously looking for information about the best products through the call center, the following will also be discussed on the subject.

Of the many products offered by the  Citibank Call Center , credit card and deposit products are the best option you can choose. Applying for this same credit card can be used to meet all needs so that your life becomes easier. There are many advantages when applying for this card, one of which is discounted rates.

To date, Citibank has issued many credit card services with facilities and ease of transactions for its customers. For those of you who want to use this product, it is necessary to know if there are many credit card products from Citibank.

First, city reyward’s credit card. This credit card product is an interesting product that provides many bonus points. Those of you who like to do shopping can enjoy discounts of up to 15% in some traders who have worked together previously.

Then, there are City Premier Miles credit cards, City Cash Black Platinum, City Simplikti+, Garuda Indonesia City, City Telecom, and City Prestige. Keep in mind that each of the above products has different services and programs. You can get full information about the product at citibank call center.

Aplly services and ease of operation

Citibank is very renowned for the services provided to its loyal customers. For those of you who have just joined, there are three main services where you can get them. The three services are installment plan, insurance and Citibank Call Center Information Services.

For installment plan services, Citibank credit card products will provide installment programs at an interest rate of up to 24 months per transaction. As for masalah insurance, many foreign banking products will protect customer information data with Pirma Perlindungan insurance.

Finally, the service each bank customer will receive is in the form of a  24-hour  Citibank call center service.  You can call this service on 999 69 or (021) 25200000 and 30009999. Please also note that a public call fee will be charged for the service.

After knowing the different services obtained after you become a customer, you also need to know the process of applying for this foreign bank credit card. For the submission process itself, each customer can try to visit the bank  or branch offices. Additionally, each potential customer can also apply online through the official website.

Required terms and documents

When applying for a credit card through  a Citibank call center, of course, some minimum requirements and supporting documents are needed. When you talk about what these requirements are, it takes for the first time a minimum age of 21 and a maximum of 65 years. For additional credit card applications, you must be at least 17 years old.

Then, another condition comes from customer income annually. Overall, the income range for the credit card application process is Rs. 60 million to RP. 600 million per year. The amount of income earned will affect the type of credit card that will be applied for.

For the supporting document problem, the required files are very common. As for mandatory documents to be prepared such as a copy of an ID card or passport, NPWP, payroll or SPT PPh21, savings account in the last two months, company bond or SIUP, professional license, KITAS or paspot.

In general, there are many Citibank products to provide comfort to their customers in completing the process of paying credit card bills. Through this service, customers can complete all these invoices through Citibank services and ATM networks, to the bank’s partners who have cooperated with this foreign bank.

From the different information above, of course, it is possible to see if the process of applying for a credit card can be done very quickly and easily. In addition to saving time, you can also get many other benefits when trying to contact  a Citibank call center.

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